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Player movement analytics – LUDMO | ludius motus

Mobile phones are the basis of LUDMO’s reporting tools. The GPS module and accelerometer, which are standard built-in phones available on the market, allow you to reflect the player’s behavior with the right software. We are still working on extending the elements. In the coming weeks, more and more elements will appear. However, at this point we collect all the data, so when you add a new report, you will also be able to see historical data.

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Movement analytics in the form of a report.


Basic GPS analysis package

Workout / game summary on a single report for each of the players

  • Activity graph - percentage of walking, trotting, running, sprint, and standstill
  • Maximum and average speed during a session
  • Distance traveled
  • Tactical heat map
  • Graph of axle speed times

Traffic intensity chart is a basic tool for quickly understanding a player’s activity during a training session or a match. The graph gives percentages for the following traffic modes:

  • Stay – 0 – 2 km / h
  • Walk – 3 – 6 km / h
  • Running – 7 – 10 km / h
  • Sprint – over 11km / h

Table showing key figures in numerical form:

  • maximum speed
  • average speed
  • Distance traveled

The heat map allows you to map the player’s position on the court. Especially useful tool for tactical assessment of the player. It can be clearly stated whether tactical assumptions were made, whether the competitor was moving only in the designated zone or moving to other zones.

The speed chart allows you to determine at which moments the speed of each session has been reached. It’s easy to monitor whether the number of sprints, along with their speed, changes to the end of the session. In the context of training you can monitor, the intensity of a given race was identical to the individual players.

View for the player

Competitors after downloading the application and registering with the team code have access to a simple and intuitive application handling. Prior to each session, all you have to do is sign in to your account. Before training or match, just press START and lock the phone. During the activity of the phone should hit the shirt. After the session, please remove the phone and end the session by pressing STOP.

Telemetry data will be stored on the device. When the phone is transferred to the Wi-Fi range, go to the training sessions tab and synchronize the device with the server. It may take a while. When done we advise to charge the phone before the next session.

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