Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała connected to the telephone. A surprising solution

Text from: Gazeta Wyborcza Katowice
Author: Wojciech Todur /

The Ludmo mobile application was awarded the title of 2017 Startup in the Silesian Voivodeship. – This is a tool that will allow us to carefully look at the work done by the team. It gives the coaching staff a lot of possibilities not only to control the player’s activity, but also after analyzing the reports, adjusting the training to the individual needs of each of them – says Andrzej Rybarski, sports director of Podbeskidzie.

The basis for the operation of tools reporting traffic parameters of LUDMO athletes are mobile phones. The GPS module and accelerometer, which are built-in as standard with commercially available telephones, allow the player to reflect the player’s behavior with the appropriate software.

Further content of the article is available below:,35024,22907986,podbeskidzie-bielsko-biala-podpiete-do-telefonu-zaskakujace.html


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