LUDMO player movement analytics

Mobile application LUDMO is designed for fast and simple analysis of player movement. The tool is giving also the possibility to track the long term performance improvement of the user.


In only few steps you will be able to track your performance, as a proffesional footbal player. LUDMO analytic tool is giving you the unique possibility to do it at the fraction of the costs.


Create a team account

Create club profile and invite players to your team.


Download the LUDMO app

Install the LUDMO application on your phone. Join the team by entering the team code.


Analyse your performance

Start using the analytics tool.

Manage your team like a proffesional trainer.

Create your account, invite players to your team and start analyzing the performance of each player and of the entire team.

Learn More

Play the video


Register and test the LUDMO solution for 14 days for free. You will make the final package selection at the end. Join the group of professionals who have already sterted to use LUDMO.




  • Detailed report for a player from a given session;
  • Analysis of player's development over time;
  • Comparing 2 players;
  • Monthly subscription for 25 players;

Let's Start with LUDMO sport analytics

The LUDMO sport analytics tool is an efficient way of tracking the player performance.

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